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The Snow Maiden - Russian Matryoshka Dolls

The Snow Maiden - Russian Matryoshka Dolls
The Snow Maiden - Russian Matryoshka Dolls
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Model - [M5SimSn]

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Number of dolls: 5
Artist: Muravjova
School: Simbirsk
Size: 8''

 These wonderful decorative Russian Matryoshka Dolls depict one of the most popular Russian folk tales - "Snegurochka", or "The Snow Maiden". This set of Russian Matryoshka Dolls is a prime example of the Russian art of ornamental illustration, and is heavily influenced by traditions of Russian icon painting.

The outer item of Russian Matryoshka Dolls reveals the very beginning of the story – the birth of the Snow Maiden. According to the legend, she was made out of snow by an old man and his wife; they used two deep blue beads for eyes, made two dimples in her cheeks, and used a piece of red ribbon for her mouth. Snegurochka came in very beautiful, but when she came to life, she became even better. The Russian Matryoshka Dolls artist did his best to feature masterfully the Snow Maiden’s beauty in details: snowy skin, deep sky-blue eyes, fresh cherry lips and curly fair hair. The dress of the Snow Maiden is kept in tender cold palette, that underlines Snegurochka’s origin. 

The second Russian Matryoshka Doll features the scene in izba (Russian wooden house), where Snegurochka asked an old man and his wife for the permission to go and play with other village girls.

So, the Snow Maiden was allowed to go and, as it is shown on the third Russian Matryoshka Doll, she became to reel with her new friends.

The next Russian Matryoshka Doll reveals the scene, when Snegurochka with her friends walked about the forest. Snegurochka found a cool stream and sat by it, looking at it, and dipped her fingers in it, playing with the droplets.

Later the girls built a bonfire and began jumping over it. Reluctant was Snegurochka to play with them at this. Her friends kept asking her to join them, so she jumped. Rising from the fire was a wisp of steam. It formed a cloud, and rose higher and higher, into the sky. Snegurochka had melted. This tragic end is painted on the very last of Russian Matryoshka Dolls.

These original water-color Russian Matryoshka Dolls, designed and hand-painted and personally selected from the artists that we have worked with for many years, will be unique and unordinary meaningful Birthday’s gift for the person you love.