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Hen with Brood of Chickens - Matrioshka Doll

Hen with Brood of Chickens - Matrioshka Doll
Hen with Brood of Chickens - Matrioshka Doll
available exclusively at Russian Treasure store.
Model - [M5henbrood]

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Number of dolls: 5
Artist: Ivanova
School: Simbirsk
Size: 3''


A quick glance at these Matrioshka dolls – and you will be charmed for the rest of your life.

Looking at the smallest doll with an egg in her hands to the “eldest” Matrioshka doll holding a hen, and the “girls” in the middle tending chickens in the nest, one will be undoubtedly reminded of the most wonderful thing in our world – the eternal cycle of life. Each Matrioshka doll conveys an image of a young Russian girl, dressed in the traditional red kerchief – “babushka”, as red means beautiful in old Slavic. The brightest blue eyes watch this world with curiosity yet seem to possess some age-old knowledge and wisdom hidden in every folk story and fairy tale. Matrioshka doll’s hair has the color of ripe corn, while the roses in her cheeks conjure the images of frosty Russian winters with their sunny days and kids playing snowballs.

These Matrioshka dolls symbolize an ideal life of peasants in Tsarist Russia, with their ancient traditions, and a rich history. The golden-hued chickens in the girls’ arms add to the aura of gentleness and warmth.

This set of five Matrioshka dolls is sure to become a most precious piece in any collection of Russian handcrafted artistry, melting the heart of those fortunate to receive it as a gift for Christmas and Easter, or as a Birthday present.

Singular design along with the application of lush colors and a refined lacquering technique feature these Matrioshka dolls
that were personally selected from the artists that we have worked with for many years.