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Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka - Fedoskino lacquer box by Baulina
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Size: 2.75x2.5x0.75" Fairy Tale: http://www.barynya.com/tales/alyonushka.htm ...

Kolobok Fairytale - Russian Matroshkas

Kolobok Fairytale - Russian Matroshkas
Kolobok Fairytale - Russian Matroshkas
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Model - [M5kolobok]

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Number of dolls: 5
Artist: Ivanova
School: Simbirsk
Size: 4''


A truly fabulous example of Russian artistry, this set of Russian Matroshkas features one of the most favorite folk tales “Kolobok” (or “Gingerbread boy”)

Starting with the first image embedded in the biggest Russian Matroshka, the scenes of the fairy tale gently blend into one another, telling an illuminative story of a dodgy Kolobok, or Gingerbread boy, who had managed to outwit a cruel wolf and a dreadful bear, but was eventually eaten by an even craftier fox.

But what makes this set of Russian Matroshkas even more special is the unique color palette, with the most vivid hues and a sophisticated hand painting. Each Russian Matroshka is a charm to look at, with her deep blue eyes, and a festive kerchief, a masterpiece in itself. Fantastic yellow flowers on the back of each Russian Matroshka are emphasized by the black lacquered background, adorned by exquisite golden ornaments. And the silvery stars, showing off Russian Matroshka’s eyes, bring out a remarkable fairy tale luster of the whole composition.

Whether you are in search for a special gift to your loved ones, or want to amaze your child with something extraordinary, this set of Russian Matryoshkas is a perfect match to any occasion. Every single piece of artwork is personally selected from the artists that we have worked with for many years, and this perfect piece of handicraft will be a source of boundless joy to its owner.