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Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka - Fedoskino lacquer box by Baulina
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Nativity Scenes - Russian Stacking Eggs

Nativity Scenes - Russian Stacking Eggs
Nativity Scenes - Russian Stacking Eggs Nativity Scenes - Russian Stacking Eggs
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Nativity Scenes - Russian Stacking Eggs
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Model - [NutivEg3]
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Number of dolls: 3
Artist: Ivanova
School: Simbirsk
Size: 3.5’’

These Russian Stacking Eggs feature a story of Jesus’ Birth. This set of Russian Stacking Eggs was personally selected from the artist Ivanova that we have worked with for many years so that our customers could enjoy the brightest masterpieces of Russian art.

The first one of Russian Stacking Eggs shows the Virgin Mary with her child – Jesus Christ. Faces of both are drawn so virtuosic that we can even feel the tenderness, kindness and love of Mary, and purity of Jesus Baby. Nearby we can see smiling lambs and hay – a sign that this event took place in the barn. The whole picture carries an atmosphere of tranquil contentment and calm, that was achieved by using soft lines and mellow tints on Russian Stacking Eggs.

Three magi - wise men are featured on the second and third Russian Stacking Eggs. They traveled to Bethlehem, led by the star to a place where they found and adored Jesus. On the Russian Stacking Eggs we can see them present Jesus with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Their faces express honor and gladness. Russian Stacking Eggs are drawn with rich gouache.

While working on this Russian Stacking Eggs set, the artist uses tone contrast. Не applies in his Russian Stacking Eggs painting a principle of contraposition of dark and bright, light colors. On the foreground of Russian Stacking Eggs we can see characters of Blessed Mary, Jesus Christ, and wise men to be painted in bright tones (scarlet, white, light blue), but the Russian Stacking Eggs’ background is colored in deep black and dark green. It was a conscious decision of the artist, because he wanted to tell us through the light and brightness, what are the most important things in Russian Stacking Eggs set.

This set of Russian Stacking Eggs makes a perfect Christmas gift for those who appreciate original presents. Also these Russian Stacking Eggs will fit any Russian art collection and will have pride of place.