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Puss in Boots - Russia Nesting Dolls

Puss in Boots - Russia Nesting Dolls
Puss in Boots - Russia Nesting Dolls Puss in Boots - Russia Nesting Dolls Puss in Boots - Russia Nesting Dolls Puss in Boots - Russia Nesting Dolls
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Puss in Boots - Russia Nesting Dolls
available exclusively at Russian Treasure store.
Model - [M5Puss]

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Number of dolls: 5
Artist: Mikhalkina
School: Simbirsk
Size: 6.5’’

One of the most popular European fairy-tale is featured on this Russia Nesting Dolls set. Probably, there’s no Russian kid live, who wouldn’t have heard about “Puss in Boots”. This story, depicted on Russia Nesting Dolls is best known in the version collected by Charles Perrault.

The Russia Nesting Dolls, telling about a cat helping an impoverished master attain wealth through its trickery, were designed, hand-painted and personally selected from the artists that we have worked with for many years. So, you can be sure that your set of Russia Nesting Dolls is unique one, and you’ll never find the items alike.

The Russia Nesting Dolls are vividly painted with soft water-colors and rich gauche. All the Russia Nesting Dolls have a perfect lacquer finish that gives the set a touch of festivity.

The artist of Russia Nesting Dolls has virtuously featured the key scenes of the fairy: the acquaintance of Marquis de Carabas with the King and his beautiful Daughter; Puss in Boots presenting the King with Marquis de Carabas’ gifts; Puss in Boots confronting the Ogre; dramatic identification of the Ogre into the lion; and, of course, happy-end, when Marquis de Carabas and King’s Daughter get married and the Puss in Boots live in their manor.

At first sight at this Russia Nesting Dolls set you’ll immediately notice how carefully and accurately the details are drawn – you can even distinguish pleats on Princess’, King’s and court nobility’s clothing. The artist perfectly mirrored emotions of the main characters of Russia Nesting Dolls – you can see nobility on King’s face, love – on his Daughter’s and Marquis de Carabas’, and haughtiness – on the Ogre’s and court nobility’s.

Find a moment in this pressing life to rest a little and deep into the midst of the magical fairy-tale. This Russia Nesting Dolls will be a perfect fit for any Russian art collection.