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Stone Flower by Bazhov - Russian Nested Dolls

Stone Flower by Bazhov - Russian Nested Dolls
Stone Flower by Bazhov - Russian Nested Dolls Stone Flower by Bazhov - Russian Nested Dolls Stone Flower by Bazhov - Russian Nested Dolls Stone Flower by Bazhov - Russian Nested Dolls
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Stone Flower by Bazhov - Russian Nested Dolls
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Model - [M7Petr]

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Name: Stone Flower
Number of dolls: 7
Artist: Petrusheva J.
School: Simbirsk
Size: 8’’


This beautiful 7 piece Russian Nested Dolls set features a fairy-story, written by famous Russian writer Pavel Bazhov, based on popular Russian legend about the Mistress of Copper Mountain and the beautiful stone flower. These exclusive Russian Nested Dolls were designed and hand-painted by the talented Russian artist solely for Russian Treasure.

The tale, featured on these Russian Nested Dolls ranks among fairy-tale stories “The Malachite Casket” based on the Urals folklore. The collection was published in 1939; in 1944 its English translation was published in New York and London. Later Sergei Prokofiev created a ballet “The Tale of the Stone Flower”, that got a great world-wide popularity. And now you have a nice chance to enjoy its illustration on our Russian Nested Dolls.

Exceptional Russian Nested Dolls illustration to the tale from Ural Mountains tells us about the skilled craftsman Danila, a stone carver, who had a sacred dream – to carve a flower from malachite and other semi-precious stones. He wanted his flower to be real like. In order to get such skills he left his family and went to the underground kingdom of the Empress of the Copper Mountain. You can see both of them – Danila and Mistress of Copper Mountain to be plausibly featured on the outer Russian Nested Dolls. He was charmed by the unearthly beauty of the Empress of the Copper Mountain and forgot about his beloved girl – Katya. But his bride could bring back Danila, because only true love can breach all obstacles.

Russian Nested Dolls are richly decorated with affected ornaments that have close resemblance to semi-precious stones – amethysts, moonstones, jaspers, axe-stones, etc.

You can notice a beautiful Russian girl to be drawn on the upper part of every Russian Nested Doll. The girl herself symbolizes true love and faith, and the pansies on the flowered kerchief of the girl symbolize memory, thought and intention. In Christianity, they also represent Trinity celebration.

Beauty, durability and uniqueness - these are the qualities that characterize this set of Russian Nested Dolls. The Russian Nested Dolls set can be original and unforgettable Valentines’ gift for your loved one.