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The Mistress of Malachite Mountain - Matrioshka Nesting Dolls

The Mistress of Malachite Mountain - Matrioshka Nesting Dolls
The Mistress of Malachite Mountain - Matrioshka Nesting Dolls
available exclusively at Russian Treasure store.
Model - [M5mistmalach]

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Number of dolls: 5
Artist: Fedorova
School: Simbirsk

Size: 6''

The gorgeous Matrioshka Nesting Dolls set of five hand-painted and lacquered Babushka dolls entitled "The Mistress of Malachite Mountain" (after Peter Bazhov’s fairy tale) is a shining example of Russian museum artistry.

Scenes from the Ural Mountain fairy tale "The Mistress of Malachite Mountain" are masterfully painted on the front of these Matrioshka Nesting Dolls set. Each Matrioshka Nesting Doll tells us the part of the story about Danila-Craftsman, his fiance Katya and the Mistress of Copper Mountain. The story about self-realization thirst, dream implementation and love…

On the upper part of each Matrioshka Nesting Doll a girl is depicted – a symbol of beauty and love that wins any obstacles. The girl is featured traditionally to Russian culture: colorful kokoshnik decorated with beads, sarafan and flowered kerchief. The artist did his best to draw the eyes of hers – dreamy skyblue eyes with long black lashes look very lifelike.

This exclusive Matrioshka Nesting Dolls set was created by the talented Russian artist especially for Russian Treasure shop. You can be sure in its originality and uniqueness.

The artist developed a realistic perception, and his Matrioshka Nesting Dolls "The Mistress of Malachite Mountain" display quite a variety of palettes. The painter gained picturesque, ornamental and decorative effect while drawing this set. Against light blue and green backgrounds, red and yellow color combinations in the main drawing look freshly and vividly.

This is a great set of Matrioshka Nesting Dolls painted with rich gouache, and finished with a high gloss lacquer that adds a touch of chick to them.

The mesmerizing artistic creation Matryoshka set "The Mistress of Malachite Mountain" will be a real pearl in any Russian art collection. This Matrioshka Nesting Dolls set is a great gift idea and a nice house decoration for you.