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Thumbelina - Russian Babooshka

Thumbelina - Russian Babooshka
Thumbelina - Russian Babooshka
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Model - [M5Thum]

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Name: Russian Matryoshka Nesting Dolls ,Thumbelina (Duymovochka)
Number of dolls:
Artist: Barabanova

Size: 5''

These Russian Babooshkas artistically feature the world’s famous fairy tale, written by the Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen. The tale “Thumbelina” has got the world’s popularity, and it has been adapted to various media including animated films.

The Russian Babooshkas set masterfully and in details tells the story of a tiny human being – beautiful Duymovochka. What makes the Russian Babooshkas set peculiar one is how virtuosic the artist has wrapped the dolls round with illustrations of Duymovochka. The bright, technicolor circular art painting with consistent narrative execution makes it really fantastic and magic.

The first Russian Babooshka introduces us to a tiny tender Thumbelina, emerging from the flower, grown of magical seeds. On the second Russian Babooshka shows us the mouse’s home, where Duymovochka is given shelter. The mouse suggests Thumbelina marry her neighbor, an old ugly mole. Thumbelina finds the prospect of being married to a mole unattractive and escapes the situation by fleeing to the far land with a swallow she nursed back to health during the winter (this scene is shown on the third Russian Babooshka).

The last two Russian Babooshkas reveal the happy end of the story – in far lands in a field of flowers, Thumbelina meets a handsome fairy prince of just her size and they wed.

This Russian Babooshkas set is considered to be authorial one, it was designed and personally selected from the artists that we have worked with for many years, therefore you can be sure in its uniqueness, you won’t find the item alike anywhere else.

The Russian Babooshkas set “Thumbelina” is a true fairy enchanting gift for those who believe that even the small human can find great happiness. This set can be a meaningful St. Valentine’s present for the person you love.