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Girls and a Cat - Matroshka Dolls

Girls and a Cat - Matroshka Dolls
Girls and a Cat - Matroshka Dolls Girls and a Cat - Matroshka Dolls Girls and a Cat - Matroshka Dolls Girls and a Cat - Matroshka Dolls
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Girls and a Cat - Matroshka Dolls
available exclusively at Russian Treasure store.
Model - [M7Sulyag]

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Number of dolls: 7
Artist: Sulyagina
School: Obramtseva
Size: 5.5''


This hand crafted and painted set of Matroshka dolls was created by the famous artist Sulyagina. The unique author's design combined with an exquisite painting technique attributes these Matroshka dolls to the most valuable, one-of-a-kind items in Russian Treasure collection.

The lovely motive of tender attachment between two sisters is pictured in this set of Matroshka dolls. The sisters are so much alike, with the same gold ochre hair and sky-blue eyes, rimmed with long, curled lashes. Their affection towards each other is felt in their postures, both of them holding hands with each other. And the main Matryoshka doll, presenting their mother, embraces both of them as if to protect from anything bad that could happen to the young innocent girls.

Each Matroshka doll features a separate episode and serves a continuation of the previous scene. Here are the two girls in the first Matroshka doll, one dressed in tender cerise dress, while the other – in light turquoise blue. The dark background of the Matroshka doll's image emphasizes the light and sweet nature of the youth, and a ginger cat, a character painted in each Matroshka doll, symbolizes the feminine beauty and delicacy.

The kerchief covering the head of Matroshka doll - Mother is designed with a fine imitation of wood, carefully lacquered and adorned with tender bisque flowers and golden petals.

This set of Matroshka dolls belongs to the most famous works of the handicraft master, featured in books on Russian artwork. Presenting these matchless Matroshka dolls to your most special person for Birthday or St. Valentine's Day will be appreciated above any other gifts.