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Natural Bounty - Russian Matruska

Natural Bounty - Russian Matruska
Natural Bounty - Russian Matruska Natural Bounty - Russian Matruska
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Natural Bounty - Russian Matruska
available exclusively at Russian Treasure store.
Model - [M5natbount]

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Number of dolls: 5
Artist: L.K
School: Simbirsk
Size: 6''


A Russian Matruska has always been an important part of folklore and national culture, as it stands for motherhood (deriving its name from Latin – mater – mother) and fertility.

This set of Russian Matruskas is a shining example of Russian traditional picture of feminine beauty which is inseparable from natural bounty and fertility. These five Russian Matruskas represent the ideal of a Russian woman – the creator of house comfort and a symbol of generous summer and early fall bounty.

The color palette chosen by the artist is so vivid, that one can almost feel the sweetish taste of a ripe pumpkin and the juiciness of sunny-red tomato. The Russian Matruskas dressed in their green grass sarafans remind of Mother Nature offering her goods to her children, with the biggest Russian Matruska holding a pumpkin, the next – a tomato, then an eggplant, turnip, and carrot. The rich colors in combination with the traditional village scenery add to the exquisite style of this set of Russian Matruskas.     

An original piece of handicraft, this set of Russian Matruskas mesmerizes one with the use of such live colors to recreate the images of wild flowers – sun-like camomiles and sky-blue bell-flower that neatly adorn the girls’ kerchiefs.

A charming part of any Russian souvenir collection, this set of Russian Matruskas will surely fascinate your most special person when presented as a Christmas, Easter, or New Year gift as well as an enchanting St. Valentine gift.

 This unique sample of Russian artistry is featured only by Russain Treasure souvenir store.