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Nutcracker - Matreshka Nesting Eggs

Nutcracker - Matreshka Nesting Eggs
Nutcracker - Matreshka Nesting Eggs
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Nutcracker - Matreshka Nesting Eggs
available exclusively at Russian Treasure store.
Model - [NutEgg3]

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Number of Eggs: 3

Artist: Ivanova
Size: 3 inches
Style: Oil painting, watercolor, exceptional lacquer finish


This set of Matreshka Nesting Eggs was designed, hand-carved, hand-painted and signed by one of the most popular Russian artist with whom we have worked with for many years and was personally selected from her by us. These attractive Matreshka Nesting Eggs were imported directly from Russia to our shop.

Open up the first and the biggest Matreshka Nesting Egg and find inside a set of smaller Matreshka Nesting Eggs of the same style and design, that proceed the story of the first, a fabulous story of the Nutcracker and the Mouse King, written by  E.T.A. Hoffmann. This story has got a great popularity all over the world. In 1891, inspired by the fairy, Peter Tchaikovsky composed a tale-ballet in two acts called “The Nutcracker”, the prime night of which was on December, 18th. Since those times Russian ballet got great popularity all over the world and “The Nutcracker” became a symbol of Christmas holidays. This set of Matreshka Nesting Eggs conveys the plot of the story perfectly. The artist hand-printed the main characters - Marie Stahlbaum, the Nutcracker, the Mouse King – so vividly, masterfully and proficiently, that it even seems to us that we can hear peal of bells and smell pine. Magically… The story tells about favorite Christmas toy of young girl Marie, the Nutcracker. On Christmas Eve the Nutcracker comes alive and takes the girl to the magic kingdom of dolls, there they meet the seven-headed Mouse King and a brave toy defeats him.

On the outer egg we can see delightfully painted Marie with her toy. The artist depicted the girl true to life – delicate face features, skyblue eyes, dark fair curly locks. The second Matreshka Nesting Egg reveals streaked Mouse King –gestures, round eyes, wry mouth – the artist did his best to depict terror of the Mouse and he made it really skillfully. On the last Matreshka Nesting Egg is shown a winner – the Nutcracker with glowing golden saber. All three masterpieces have fir-tree background, so that you could feel an atmosphere of Christmas Eve. This piece of art is painted in deep green, intensive emerald, vibrant burgundy, soft cyan and glowing scarlet gouache.

These Matreshka Nesting Eggs make a great for a Christmas gift and New Year present for those, who love magical fairy-tales and still believe in miracles.