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The Cinderella - Russian Matryoshkas

The Cinderella - Russian Matryoshkas
The Cinderella - Russian Matryoshkas The Cinderella - Russian Matryoshkas The Cinderella - Russian Matryoshkas The Cinderella - Russian Matryoshkas
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The Cinderella - Russian Matryoshkas
available exclusively at Russian Treasure store.
Model - [M10PavSind]

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Name: Cinderella Fairytale
Number of dolls: 10
Artist: Inna Pavlova
School: Obramtsevo (aka, Abramtsevo or Khotkovo village)
Size: 9''


This truly unique set of Russian Matryoshkas is rightly considered a masterpiece in itself. Ten Russian Matryoshkas hand-crafted and painted by a very famous artist Inna Pavlova present a most valuable showpiece in the exclusive collection of Russian Treasure store.

This set of Russian Matryoshkas tells a famous story about a girl Cinderella whose goodness and kindness enchanted the old fairy who helped the poor girl to get to the royal ball and finally become a princess. Each of these ten Russian Matryoshkas is painted with an extraordinary delicacy thus creating an effect of airiness and illusion.

The first Russian Matryoshkas features the Fairy Godmother wearing an orchid dress with a stiff collar – she is the one who recognized a most beautiful soul behind Cinderella's humble clothing. As the story goes on, the second Russian Matryoshkas presents the scene where the ball has been announced and Cinderella's step-sisters dressed in gaudy orange and aubergine outfits are preparing for it, while the sweet-tempered Cinderella in her simple black dress and white apron is forced to do the hardest job about the house.

With the help of her Godmother Cinderella gets to the ball in the coach that used to be a pumpkin, and as the rest of the Russian Matryoshkas unfold the story, the gold of the coach and the light blue of the ball dress are set against the darkness of the night, skillfully reproduced by the artist in the fourth Russian Matryoshkas. As the tale comes to its ending and the Prince comes to Cinderella's place with the glass slipper and it fits her perfectly, Cinderella marries the Prince and forgives her sisters who are very sorry for their bad attitude towards her.Russian Matryoshkas

Signed by the author, this museum quality set of Russian Matryoshkas compliments a subtle usage of watercolors to create an air of fabulousness while painting carefully the tiniest details of every face feature and piece of clothing. These will express your innermost feelings to that special person fortunate enough to receive the Russian Matryoshkas as a Birthday or St. Valentine's gift.