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Virgin Mary of Hodigitria - Matroshka Dolls

Virgin Mary of Hodigitria - Matroshka Dolls
Virgin Mary of Hodigitria - Matroshka Dolls Virgin Mary of Hodigitria - Matroshka Dolls
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Virgin Mary of Hodigitria - Matroshka Dolls
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Artist: Krassavin

Size: 7 inches, 5 pieces
Style: Wood Carving, Russian Orthodox Icons (Virgin Mary of Hodigitria, St. Sergius of Radonezh, St. Nicolas The Wonderworker, St. Matthew, St. Patriarch Tihon)

Every single piece of artwork is personally selected from the artists that we have worked with for many years. Simplicity with a touch of impeccable style and a real craftsmanship spice feature this set of Matroshka Dolls.  One might have a very dim idea about the Eastern Christian Faith symbols, but these five Matroshka Dolls represent a lot more than just pure religion.

Even a passing glance at the first Matroshka doll with a carved image of Madonna holding baby Jesus in her arms will be enough to move the most delicate strings deep within your soul.

This Matroshka Doll – Madonna with baby Jesus – is an icon of the most sacred foundation of Christianity. It symbolizes unity, family commitment, and self-sacrifice. The tradition of placing this icon in the east corner of the house is ages old and still alive in Russia, where virtually no home is founded without Mother Mary and her son’s blessing.  The patron Saints symbolizing purity, wisdom, peace, and tranquility, will lead one along the way of goodness, balance, and composure.

The tenderly carved faces of Madonna and Jesus along with four Saints attribute this set of Matroshka Dolls to the finest examples of Russian handicraft.  Wood – one of the most ancient materials used to create this singular set of Matroshka dolls - is believed to bring good health and prosperity to its owner.

Take this exclusive piece of Russian artistry to your home, bringing along the author’s love and dedication conveyed in the exquisite wood carving technique, warm colors, and gentle shapes of these Matroshka dolls.  

Consider it as a special Christmas or Easter gift for your loved ones who will appreciate the singularity of the present along with your devotion and a feeling for style.

Additional Information:

Virgin Mary of Hogiditria
St. Sergius of Rodonezh
St. Tihon of Moscow