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Virgin Mary of Vladimir Icon on Wooden Egg, Artist Evgeniev

Virgin Mary of Vladimir Icon on Wooden Egg, Artist Evgeniev
Virgin Mary of Vladimir Icon on Wooden Egg, Artist Evgeniev
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Artist: Evgeniev
Size: 7 inches with stand
Style: Oil, Gold, Russian Orthodox Icons

A perfect example of handicraft, this wooden egg features the most sacred motive of religious representation in Christianity – the Blessed Virgin of Vladimir with baby Jesus

This wooden egg is hand painted to reproduce the tiniest details with the precision of a jeweler. The color palette enriched with the warm shades of brown creates the aura of love, commitment, and hopefulness. Virgin Mary wears the crimson cloak adorned with the aureate ornament pointing to her divinity while the deep blue of her garment reminds of her earthborn nature, thus making her both a heavenly as well as a human creature.

A unique technique reproducing the radiance of the halos – the implementation of gold leaf – is used for both the glorioles of Mother Mary and Jesus, as well as a frame for the image and an adornment of the wooden egg holder.

While the dominant color of the back side of the egg is black, the warm watercolors of the image background make the icon shine from within and the white garment of Jesus Christ only emphasizes the holiness of the whole scene.

This wooden egg is a unique masterpiece handcrafted by the Russian artist and personally selected by us to ensure a perfect quality and uniqueness. It can be a very special gift on any religious occasion, such as Christmas or Easter, and will be highly appreciated by the true connoisseurs of art.