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Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka - Fedoskino lacquer box by Baulina
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Size: 2.75x2.5x0.75" Fairy Tale: http://www.barynya.com/tales/alyonushka.htm ...

Fellow Entertaining Women - Fedoskino Lacquer Box

Fellow Entertaining Women - Fedoskino Lacquer Box
Fellow Entertaining Women - Fedoskino Lacquer Box
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School: Fedoskino, 1991
Artist: Burbysheva
Size (inches): 3.25x4.125x1.825

A famous Russian artist Burbysheva from the village of Fedoskino has painted this festive lacquer box according to the ancient techniques of Fedoskino lacquer miniature painting.

The scene of severe Russian winter is featured on this Fedoskino lacquer box. The traditional black background makes the brumal picture even sharper, and looking at this Fedoskino lacquer box one can literally feel the ringing frost biting on the cheeks and noses and one’s breath turning into a cloud of vapor. The verisimilitude of the scene is achieved through the usage of mother-of-pearls to paint snow falling from the sky.

The main characters presented on this Fedoskino lacquer box are two young ladies and a fellow, probably returning home from some fair or a village fest. All three of them are dressed in the warm fur-coats – without those one cannot go outside during Russian winters. The ladies portrayed on this Fedoskino lacquer box are wearing traditional woolen kerchiefs, the grey and the red one, both covered with falling white snow, and the young man in his rakish crimson hat with a harmonica is singing and footing it to keep himself warm.

The situation captured by the artist on this Fedoskino lacquer box is very common for the villages in Russia of those times as well as nowadays. Young fellows play folk musical instruments, sing songs to attract the attention of women, especially young girls and to entertain themselves. With the help of the vibrant juicy colors the artist managed to convey the atmosphere of jollity and enjoyment of life on this Fedoskino lacquer box.

The black lacquer covers the outside while the burgundy red – the inside of this Fedoskino lacquer box. Hinged on the side, the lacquer box sits on four legs, and is signed by the author himself, the village of Fedoskino and the year of manufacture. A one-of-a-kind item in the collection of Russian Treasure store, this Fedoskino lacquer box will make a perfect gift and enrich someone’s collection of Russian artwork.