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Round Dance Khorovod - Fedoskino Lacquer Box

Round Dance Khorovod - Fedoskino Lacquer Box
Round Dance Khorovod - Fedoskino Lacquer Box
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Model - [FLB1Khorovod]

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School: Fedoskino, 1992
Artist: Soloviova
Size (inches): 5.75x4x1.75
Condition: cracked lacquer streaks

This Fedoskino lacquer box features a very popular part of Russian folk life – a traditional dance performed by young girls, a Round dance, or Khorovod. A very famous artist Soloviova of the village Fedoskino has painted this fantastic lacquer box.

This round dance emerged a long time ago and has many meanings; one of them is to symbolize the sun with its round shape, or an eternal circle of life. The scene on this Fedoskino lacquer box is painted in vibrant living colors with the appliance of aluminum and golden powder to enhance the richness of hues and shades.

Each girl featured on this Fedoskino lacquer box is wearing a sarafan, a traditional lady’s dress, a kokoshnik (a headdress), and a bright shawl, and the girl in the middle of the circle is dancing and waving with a translucent handkerchief. The artist has taken great pains to reproduce the natural green of the grass and the leafage on this Fedoskino lacquer box, with cinnabar, cobalt and forest green combined to achieve the verisimilitude with summer wood. Every girl is portrayed in a very distinct way, with each facial feature drawn carefully and endued with a character of her own. The girls’ garments represent a collection of different dress-styles of that time, as the artist managed to paint a different sarafan worn by each girl employing a wide variety of colors, dominated by sapphire blue, ruby, crimson, and turquoise.

The Fedoskino lacquer box is rimmed with a sophisticated golden leaf ornament and varnished with wine-red lacquer inside. It rests on four small round legs and is hinged on the side. The lacquer box is signed with the author’s name, the year of manufacture and the name of the village – Fedoskino.

So if you are thinking of giving something unique as a gift to your most special person, don’t look any further – buy this Fedoskino lacquer box, featured at Russian Treasure, and your choice definitely be appreciated.