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Winter Sleigh Ride - Fedoskino Lacquer Box

Winter Sleigh Ride - Fedoskino Lacquer Box
Winter Sleigh Ride - Fedoskino Lacquer Box
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Model - [FLB1ridingsl]

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School: Fedoskino
Artist: Kuznetsov
Size (inches): 5.75 diameter

The most favorite Russian winter entertainment is featured on this Fedoskino lacquer box – riding sleigh horsed by three clippers.

The artist painted the scene of frosty Russian winter with the village and the church at the background of the Fedoskino lacquer box revealing the beauty of the Russian countryside and the romanticism of rural life. The troika, a traditional Russian team of three horses, is considered the symbol of Russian national spirit, with its love for dashing rides and freezing fresh wind blowing into your face.

This Fedoskino lacquer box is created according to the ancient techniques of Fedoskino craftsmen. The traditional inky black background accentuates the white of the snow. A fine application of the mother-of-pearl adds a slightly perceptible glitter to the whole picture on this Fedoskino lacquer box and enhances the atmosphere of joy and fling.

The viewer cannot but notice the unique author’s style in portraying the characters of this Fedoskino lacquer box. Two young men and girls dressed in the traditional winter garments, warm bright kerchiefs, traditional Russian fur coats and colorful mittens are painted using some truly amazing shades and colors. Adding golden and aluminum powder to the paint the artist achieved a fabulous shine of the whole composition of this Fedoskino lacquer box, so you may be assured that the box will never lose its color.

The horse are described in beautifully decorated harness of emerald green, turquoise, and deep ruby, with one horse even wearing a flower in its mane. The artist has expressed a simple affection towards these glorious and gracious animals on this Fedoskino lacquer box. The viewer can almost feel the speed just by seeing the flakes of snow rushing out from under the hooves of the horses.

This Fedoskino lacquer box is worthily considered a masterpiece and a true jewel in the collection of Russian Treasure. It will make a perfect gift for the connoisseurs of art and a good start for someone’s first collection of Russian objects d’art.