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Gossiping - Russian Fedoskino Lacquer Box

Gossiping - Russian Fedoskino Lacquer Box
Gossiping - Russian Fedoskino Lacquer Box Gossiping - Russian Fedoskino Lacquer Box Gossiping - Russian Fedoskino Lacquer Box Gossiping - Russian Fedoskino Lacquer Box
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Gossiping - Russian Fedoskino Lacquer Box
available exclusively at Russian Treasure store.
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School: Fedoskino
Artist: Dobronogova T.

Size (inches): Inquire.

This classical lacquer box named “Gossiping” was designed, hand-crafted and hand-painted in the famous Fedoskino village, the oldest of the four art centers of Russian lacquer miniature painting on papier-mâché.

The lacquer box reveals the scene of everyday peasant life. You can see several women chattering near the wooden well. Watching their facial expressions, gestures and posture, you can easily dawn upon what they are doing. For sure, the artist caught the moment of their gossiping. Speaking honestly, it is common to Russian girls and women to chat and gossip. Very often village girls gather together near wells, shops or markets to “wag tongue” a little. Because nothing could be more interesting and exciting for them.

The artist painted the girls very skillfully and masterfully, their faces are drawn in the slightest details, their dressing is featured according to Russian tradition: bright flowered kerchiefs, quilted jackets and valenki.

The scene on the lacquer box’s lid is painted with a stunning combination of mother-of-pearl and translucent paints, which creates a tremendous and fantastic effect of snow glimmering. As the lacquer box is turned in the light, shimmering gold highlights the women gossiping near the well and peeks through the windows of tiny wooden houses on the background.

The sides of the lacquer box are decorated with exquisite ornament of scrolls and snowflakes, completing the winter theme of the lacquer box.

The lacquer box is a genuine Fedoskino papier-mache box made in the centuries' old Russian tradition. According to classical Fedoskino miniature painting, this lacquer box was executed in high-quality oil paints in multi-layer techniques, with a layer of lacquer between each layer of painting. Once completed, the lacquer box “Gossiping” was lacquered again 10 times and polished and dried in an oven after each layer. The box’s interior is covered with red lacquer, and its exterior – with black one. It took the artist several weeks to complete this work.

This item, an exquisite classical Russian lacquer box was designed and hand-painted by famous Fedoskino artist Dobronogova exclusively for Russian Treasure store, so you can be sure in the highest, museum-grade quality of it. The lacquer box is signed with the artist’s name, date of completion, and name of the village, moreover, it is supplied with all documentation needed that prove its origin. The lacquer box has its own product number, the box is 100% authentic and unique.

The lacquer box will become a true treasure in your Russian art collection.