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Lovely Evening - Kholui Lacquer Box

Lovely Evening - Kholui Lacquer Box
Lovely Evening - Kholui Lacquer Box Lovely Evening - Kholui Lacquer Box Lovely Evening - Kholui Lacquer Box Lovely Evening - Kholui Lacquer Box
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Lovely Evening - Kholui Lacquer Box
available exclusively at Russian Treasure store.
Model - [KLB1loveven]

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School: Kholui
Artist: Nosova E.
Size (inches): 1.75x1x3

This wonderful, touching and romantic hand-painted Russian lacquer box named “Lovely Evening” with dancing and playing young couples has unusual exquisite Gazebo shape, quite unique for Kholui lacquer boxes.

A modest beauty of the Russian quiet evening, when young people gather to rest a little from a noisy day, from their daily problems is masterfully featured on this lacquer box. The artist has virtuosic rendered the whole atmosphere of peacefulness and airiness of the summer evening. Two lads depicted on the lacquer box are the musicians (probably village ones) playing their reed pipe tunes for everyone – they do not want money for sure, they do it for people’s fun, while several girls dressed in traditional Russian costumes are depicted dancing, singing and enjoying light music.

The artist created this gorgeous lacquer box is Nosova, well-known and appreciated Kholui painter. The master has chosen to feature the scene of true Russian evening with a predominance of sky-blue, light-cyan and pale green tones, giving the feeling of an early candle-light. A wide range of soft tender colors is used to depict the characters and the landscape.

Gold, aluminum and rich red paints are used to ornament the cupola of the Gazebo with exquisite scrolls, magnificent flowers and tiny beads. Highly complex gold designs with aluminum accents wrap around the lacquer box's sides.

The lacquer box is constructed from traditional for Kholui miniatures hand-made paper-mache of the highest quality. The composition is painted in tempera egg paint. The bottom of the lacquer box is marked with the name of the box (“Lovely Evening”), the name of the craftsman (Nosova E.), the village (Kholui) and the date (2000). This signature testifies the lacquer box originality. The lacquer box rests on a flat bottom.

This lacquer box “Lovely Evening” will make a perfect romantic St. Valentine’s gift.

The lacquer box is exclusive, it is featured only in Russian Treasure store, so don’t waste a chance to own true Russian masterpiece of proven origin.