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The Tale of Tsar Saltan, Pushkin fairytale - Palekh Lacquer Box

The Tale of Tsar Saltan, Pushkin fairytale - Palekh Lacquer Box
The Tale of Tsar Saltan, Pushkin fairytale - Palekh Lacquer Box
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Model - [PLB1tssaltan]

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School: Palekh
Artist: Kondakova
Size (inches): 2.75 diameter, 3 inches tall
A fine example of Russian lacquer miniature, this Palekh lacquer box features one of the most favorite and recognizable fairy tales – the Tale of Tsar Saltan. Several scenes painted on the round Palekh lacquer box blend softly into each other, while the most spectacular episode of Pushkin’s fairytale - Tsar Saltan's arrival at the wondrous island ruled by Prince Gvidon – is depicted on the lid of the Palekh lacquer box.
The whole story is narrated with this exquisite Palekh lacquer box – starting from the barrel, in which Prince Gvidon and his Mother were put and thrown into the open sea, the deserted island, where they were washed ashore, Gvidon killing the hawk with his arrow and saving the swan's life and finally princess Swan turning into a beautiful maiden, who Prince Gvidon immediately fell in love with.
The artist’s unique color palette is dominated by the indigo blue of the sea, switching to emerald green of the leaves, bright white tempera of the swan and various hues of yellow of the surroundings. The ebony black background of this Palekh lacquer box gives an extraordinary vibrancy to the main colors of the compositions, and a shimmering golden pattern rims the lid and the bottom of this Palekh lacquer box. A natty round shape of the Palekh lacquer box constitutes its individuality and a adds a certain charm to it.
Resting on the flat bottom, this Palekh lacquer box has a deep red varnished interior, with the lid hinged on the side. The box is signed by the author and the name of the village of Palekh.  
Featured at Russian Treasure, this Palekh lacquer box is an excellent place to store one’s jewelry and other knick-knackery, and will make a marvelous Valentine’s or Birthday gift for a lady while also becoming a true heirloom and a memorable souvenir.