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Stone Flower Fairytale - Fedoskino Lacquer Box

Stone Flower Fairytale - Fedoskino Lacquer Box
Stone Flower Fairytale - Fedoskino Lacquer Box Stone Flower Fairytale - Fedoskino Lacquer Box Stone Flower Fairytale - Fedoskino Lacquer Box
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Stone Flower Fairytale - Fedoskino Lacquer Box
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School: Fedoskino (Papier mache, tempera, lacquer and gold. 100% handwork)
Artist: Kovaleva N.
Size (inches): 3X2.25x1.25

This fancy lacquer box, hand crafted in the village of Fedoskino, features a famous Russian fairy tale "The Stone Flower" by P. Bazhov.

The tale is based on the miners' stories of the Ural Mountains, who believe that the Mistress of Copper Mountain knows the secret of producing the most beautiful works of stone carving. However, those who dare to impinge upon this mystery will have to stay in her Kingdom for the rest of the life to serve the capricious Mistress of Copper Mountain.   

The artist has chosen the most powerful episode of the story to masterly depict it in this lacquer box. Craftsman Danila is looking at the unearthly stone flower, smitten with its beauty and unable to take his eyes off it.

The scene painted on the lid of the lacquer box seems to glow from within. This effect is achieved by applying the vibrant shades of gold and yellow to reproduce the shimmer of the rocks in the enchanted garden, while the main accent of the composition is laid on the head of the flower – the glowing azure with some golden and silvery sparkles. The malachite green of the stem and the leaves sheds the sheen onto the rock of Copper Mountain, adding an air of wizardry to the whole scene on the lacquer box. A glistening salamander at the foot of the flower, a spirit of fire, together with the crimson of Danila's caftan, decorated with strokes of gold enhances the intensity of the episode.

Black lacquer is used to finish the exterior of the box. The lid is hinged and the interior of the lacquer box is traditionally red. The masterpiece is signed on the lid with the artist's name, the village of Fedoskino, and the date of completion. The certificate of origin comes with this lacquer box to show the uniqueness of the piece.

Thinking of a rare, never-to-be-forgotten gift for Birthday, St. Valentine's Day, or any other occasion, consider this remarkable lacquer box as a present that will retain its beauty and value for many-many years ahead.