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Tsar Saltan - Mstera Lacquer Box

Tsar Saltan - Mstera Lacquer Box
Tsar Saltan - Mstera Lacquer Box Tsar Saltan - Mstera Lacquer Box Tsar Saltan - Mstera Lacquer Box Tsar Saltan - Mstera Lacquer Box
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Tsar Saltan - Mstera Lacquer Box
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Model - [MLK1tsaltan]

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School: Mstera
Artist: Strunina T.
Size (inches): 4.5x4.5


This brilliant Mstera box skillfully made of Paper Mache in the shape of a Swan, egg-tempera, fantastic bronze paint, and high gloss lacquer is an amazing illustration to the world-famous fairy poem “Tsar Saltan” written by Russian artist Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin.

This Russian box is 100% authentic one, you’ll never find the lacquer box alike as every single piece of artwork is personally selected from the artists that we have worked with for many years.

The composition of the Russian box itself is a candy store of opportunity. A famous talented Russian artist Strunina has done a good job with depicting both Tsar Saltan's and  Prince Gvidon's palaces. The background sea appears placid while adding to the depth needed to produce distance. The composition of the Russian box is not overwhelmed with a crowd of characters; the artist has featured only some of the main ones: Prince Guidon, his mother, and handsome bogatyrs with their leader – brave Chornomor.

This unique Russian box is hand-carved and crafted into the shape of the Princess Swan – one of the main characters in the “Tsar Saltan” poem. The lines and form of the Princess Swan are very gentle and graceful.

The Russian box is painted in the traditional Mstera School style; details of affected ornament are enhanced with bright gold paints. The Russian box beautifully combines compositional quality and a splendid array of elegant ornamentation. This Mstera box is traditionally constructed from high-quality Paper Mache. Black lacquer is used to paint the exterior of the piece while red lacquer completes its interior.

Upon completion of the Russian box the artist signed her name, the title and the village name of Mstera along the bottom of the composition in gold paint.

The Russian box before your eyes is not only a jewelry box, but also a unique work of art. Treat yourself or your loved one to this Russian box, and it will be a gift to cherish for a lifetime.