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Winter Holidays - Wooden Santa Claus

Winter Holidays - Wooden Santa Claus
Winter Holidays - Wooden Santa Claus Winter Holidays - Wooden Santa Claus Winter Holidays - Wooden Santa Claus Winter Holidays - Wooden Santa Claus
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Winter Holidays - Wooden Santa Claus
available exclusively at Russian Treasure store.
Model - [WSC1winterho]

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Number of dolls: 1
Artist: Ilukova
School: Simbirsk
Size: 14 inches


This beautifully carved wooden Santa Claus will make one’s winter holidays even more colorful and joyful.

The artist designed this wooden Santa to look very similar to his Russian colleague Grandpa Frost. The brown sable fur hat with traditional colorful Russian mittens reminds of the cold Russian winters and our favorite winter holidays – Christmas and New Year.

The wooden Santa is carrying a pikestaff and a sack full of gifts for everybody. The sack with presents itself features a short story, where a young girl is presenting a gift sock to small bunnies under the fur tree. The color palette chosen by the artist strikes the viewer with its rich shades and hues. The emerald green of the spruce is contrasted against the white of the snow with some silvery powder added to achieve the feeling of winter frost.

The front of the wooden Santa’s fur coat features a beautiful image of Russian village all covered with the veil of snow. The churches and the wooden log houses are all white and the brilliant azure of the sky tells us its cold and sunny outside.

The back side of this wooden Santa is even more picturesque than the front. A scene depicting Russian Grandpa Frost and his granddaughter Snegurochka (the Snow Maiden), distributing gifts among village children is painted in crimson, lavender, purple, orange and many more colors, producing an impression of real holiday atmosphere.

A fine lacquering technique combined with exclusive design and vivid color palette is what makes all items at Russian Treasure the best Christmas and New Year gifts.